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    What else can alarms do?

    Intruder alarms can integrated with other security systems including access control, CCTV and door entry to increase security. They can also be communicated to key holders via recorded message or text message. Alarms can also be monitored by an alarm receiving center who will contact key holders and / or the police upon alarm activation.

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    What is a communicated system?

    An alarm system that will communicate to either a key holder or Alarm Receiving Centre upon activation.

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    What is a monitored system?

    A system that is communicated via a signalling device to an Alarm Receiving Centre. The ARC will contact a list of key holders in preferential order upon alarm activation.

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    What if my alarm goes off by accident and my system is monitored with police response?

    The user will have 2 minutes to cancel the alarm by presenting your digital key (fob) to the keypad. If the alarm is not cancelled the ARC will begin to contact you.

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    I had an alarm installed years ago that I do not use anymore because there is a problem with it. What can I do?

    ECS can attend site and provide a free quote to investigate the system faults and get the alarm up and running. We will provide you a quote for an annual maintenance contract to ensure the system is taken care of in future.

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    What happens if my alarm goes off in the middle of the night and I can not stop the bell box ringing?

    Maintained clients can contact ECS immediately and one of our friendly engineers will be able to advise you of how to disable the alarm. The external sounder will usually sound for between 15-20 minutes before turning off, depending on the age of your system. On very old systems it may be required for an engineer to attend site and remove the external sounder battery.

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    How expensive is it to get an alarm?

    The costs associated with installing an alarm system depends on many factors including: the grade of equipment used, how large the system is, if the system is to be maintained by ECS or monitored by an ARC. All system designs are different depending on your needs i.e. do you have pets, would you like perimeter protection etc. ECS can provide a prompt quote following a site visit where we will establish what your requirements are.

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    I have seen companies offering alarms for under £100. This seems cheap, Is there a catch?

    If the alarm installation seems cheap, be mindful that the alarm being installed may actually not be owned by you and is actually leased from the installing company. In this instance the installing company could remove your equipment at any time. This has been known to happen when a client requires some extra works to be done to the system and instructs an alternative installer to carry out the works as they disagree with an extortionate quote from the initial installation company. Is the equipment being installed graded to comply with British and European standards? If not, what is the expected lifespan of the equipment? Graded equipment could last up to 30 years. If the initial cost is minimal but you have been tied into a lengthy contract paying the remained of the costs via direct debit. You could be paying 3 / 4 times the cost of the alarm over time.

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    An old alarm I had used to have police response, but this facility was stopped as I had too many false alarms. I would really like that benefit back. What can I do?

    You have been blacklisted. You may be required to upgrade the system to ensure there is no longer a risk of false activations. This may require an inspection by the police to confirm the works have taken place. Alternatively, if you can prove that a period of time has elapsed i.e. 6 months, without a false activation, we may be able to help get this lifted and reinstate the police response.

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    I am worried that I will make a mistake with the alarm once it is installed. Is it easy to use?

    Using your alarm is as easy as can be. Our friendly engineers will ensure that you have been fully trained on how to use the system before we leave. We will walk you through the setting and un-setting process and even do this with you until we are happy that you are confident. However, after the installation, we are always happy to help, if you have any questions.

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    I have pets, will they set off the alarm?

    There are pet friendly detectors and alternative alarm system designs that make having an alarm and owning pets an issue of the past.

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    My house has just been decorated throughout. How much disruption will there be?

    Whether we are installing a wired or wireless alarm, our engineers are industry recognised for their ability to conceal cables throughout any type of premises.

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    How long will it take to install my alarm?

    This depends on the size and type of system. This would need to be calculated once the final design has been agreed and what the access arrangements would be. A typical house installation could take from as little as half a day upwards, depending on the system.

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    Do you install alarms within offices as well as in homes?

    ECS can supply and install security equipment in both domestic and commercial environments.

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    I’m concerned that I will be having unknown engineers into my house. What checks are done on your staff before they can come into my home?

    Our engineers are all hand picked and thoroughly interviewed before being able to represent ECS. In addition to this all our staff have undertaken the security screening checks required by the governing bodies within the industry.

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    What guarantees/warranties do we offer?

    We offer a 12 month warranty on all equipment supplied and installed by ECS Systems Ltd. We guarantee the installation of any replacement parts required, due to product failure. Please note - this does not cover failure due to product misuse . 'Guarantees/warranties are not insurance backed.

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ECS Specialise in the design and installation of high performance CCTV systems. CCTV can be utilised for many purposes including: general surveillance, intruder verification, deterrent and entry control. All of which are a great crime prevention measure.

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