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Access Control & Door Entry

Access control and door entry systems are used to manage the movement of people. This could be to protect staff from hazardous areas, to restrict access to sensitive areas i.e. server rooms or to keep threats at arm’s length by having the ability to see who is at your front door before opening it. Used in the right way, the system can provide a constant physical barrier which can keep your assets, staff or loved ones safe.

Access Control

Access can be via a pin code entry, key fob, biometric reader, conventional key or a combination.
Access control comes in one of two forms:

  • Standalone Systems - The control of a single entry point or multiple entry points which are controlled individually.

  • PC Based Systems – This is control over an entire system centrally via a network. This enables the main user high levels of flexibility and functionality by using the system to create and edit user’s security levels and create groups of varying security levels. Other features include the ability to generate useful reports and alarms i.e. fire roll call, time and attendance of staff and even payroll. Access cards can be used as Photo ID, can enable the addition of cashless vending on certain sites and with hands-free / proximity reading technology, you may never have to open another door again.

As door entry systems and access control has increased in demand and popularity, so has the speed of their evolution. Systems can now comprise of single entrance points with one audio handset through to multiple entrances and multiple video monitor locations. There is a wide range of system flexibility with both hardwired and GSM audio and video options, making designing a system to suit your needs simpler.

Door entry systems can be designed to call your mobile phone, providing a further security advantage before you decide who to allow onto your premises.

Access control systems can be integrated into alarms, CCTV, gates, lifts, barriers and turnstiles.

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A solid gate will move the first line of defence from the front door of your home or business to the perimeter of your premises. Reducing the risk of opportunistic prowlers lurking on your property. Even when arriving at home or work, you and your vehicles become much safer and less likely to suffer from vandalism or car crime.

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