Fire Safety Luxury Residential

Fire Safety Luxury Residential

Fire Safety Luxury Residential

Protecting luxury homes from fire is complex. Not only do you need systems that can alert you to fire in any one of your rooms, but you need solutions that will help prevent fire spreading from one part of the building to another. Aesthetic considerations are also important – which is why we not only design bespoke systems, but we ensure they are as unnoticeable as possible.

Fire System Design

Aspiration Systems

Our aspiration systems are more than discreet – they are virtually invisible. Designed to offer enhanced protection without intrusive wiring or pipework, our undetectable aspiration detection solutions will constantly filter and analyse the air for excess smoke, alerting you quickly in the event of a fire. These products can be flush mounted so as not to interfere with your property’s design.

Fire Alarms

ECS fire alarm systems are effective and discreet. We have designed and installed fire systems for many luxury homes, to complete satisfaction. Where aesthetics are important, we can offer systems with flush-detection devices or, alternatively, aspiration systems with hard-to-notice pinhole sampling points, replacing the need for detectors. Our BAFE-accredited alarms can be linked to a 24/7 monitoring system.

Fire Extinguishers

It’s wise to have the correct fire extinguishers in every part of your luxury home. The only problem is that normal models are intrusive and ugly. We can solve this problem by supplying smaller extinguishers in a range of attractive finishes (such as gold and silver).

Fire Curtains

If fire breaks out, you need a trusted and proven method of containing the blaze before it spreads to other parts of your property. We can install and integrate discreet flush-contained fire curtains that will automatically seal an area with a thin strip of fire-resistant material when the alarm is sounded.

24/7 Monitoring

The moment your fire alarms are triggered, you need to know. For added security, particularly at night, our Alarm Receiving Centre can inform you of the problem – fast.

24/7 Maintenance

We’re on hand when you need us to solve problems and maintain your security systems.

Why ECS?

Our work is always focused on providing the highest quality solutions and best workmanship to fully meet our clients’ needs.