Fire Safety Residential

Fire Safety Residential

Fire Safety Residential

Fire can damage or destroy your home or – worse – threaten lives. Luckily, residential fire safety systems have never been more effective, discreet and easy to install. From wireless fire alarms to affordable fire extinguishers and robust fire escapes, ECS has got you covered.

Fire System Design

Fire Alarms

If fire breaks out, you need to be alerted fast. Worryingly, research has found that many people – particularly children – don’t get woken by standard smoke alarms. We can recommend and install fire alarms that are much louder and can even be linked to a monitoring station.

Fire Extinguishers

If you have fire extinguishers in your home, you have the means to put out small fires before they spread. But it’s important to have the right ones – for example, using certain types of foam fire extinguishers on electric fires is extremely dangerous. We can design and supply you with the correct extinguishers for every part of your home.

24/7 Monitoring

The moment your fire alarms are triggered, you need to know. For added security, particularly at night, our Alarm Receiving Centre can inform you of the problem – fast.

24/7 Maintenance

We’re on hand when you need us to solve problems and maintain your security systems.

Why ECS?

Our work is always focused on providing the highest quality solutions and best workmanship to fully meet our clients’ needs.