Gates & Railings Luxury Residential

Gates & Railings Luxury Residential

Gates & Railings Luxury Residential

Luxury homes need secure perimeters. The challenge is to make sure that defences like automated gates, railings and barriers offer the right blend of security, sophistication, convenience and aesthetics. Every installation needs to be in keeping with your home. This is where ECS’s experience comes to your aid – not only do we create and install hi-tech perimeter security, we can even design and fabricate beautiful interior staircases and handrails.

Manual Gates

Sometimes it makes more practical sense to install a manual gate without additional technology. ECS can design, supply, install and maintain manually operated structures that offer exceptional security, stability and durability onsite.

Gate Automation

Historically, many of the finest homes had to rely on a gatekeeper. Today, that’s rarely practical nor necessary. Modern automated gates are intelligent, opening automatically in response to wireless signals or biometrics. They also allow you to screen visitors at the perimeter of your property before you follow their progress on CCTV. Our gates can also be designed in collaboration with your architects to ensure they beautifully complement your premises.


High-end railings can add an extra layer of class and security to your home. We can design, fabricate and install railings in a variety of materials and finishes to create sturdy, stylish barriers that fit in with your property’s architecture.


Automated bollards are an unobtrusive and effective method of securing areas like garages and courtyards. Available in a range of designs, you can use a wireless key to make them disappear into the ground when you need access – before they automatically raise again when you’ve passed.

24/7 Maintenance

We’re on hand when you need us to solve problems and maintain your security systems.

Why ECS?

Our work is always focused on providing the highest quality solutions and best workmanship to fully meet our clients’ needs.