Security Residential

Security Residential

Security Residential

It’s unfortunate, but most homeowners come to us for security advice after their properties have been broken into. Don’t let this happen to you! At ECS, we can advise you on modern, cost-effective and integrated security solutions that can safeguard your home, your belongings and your family. 

Our Process

Intruder Alarms

These days, if you want to install an intruder alarm, you don’t need to worry about intrusive rewiring or messy cables. Instead, you can opt for a quick-to-install wireless system with battery-powered sensors. Pet-friendly systems ensure false alarms are kept to a minimum, plus you can receive instant intruder alerts on your smartphone.


CCTV systems are a powerful visual deterrent. They can alert you to unusual activity around your property, as well as capturing footage that can be used as evidence by the police. Modern systems can also detect different kinds of movement and will send alerts to your smartphone. We offer a wide range of CCTV brands that will integrate with your intruder alarms and other systems. 


Who is trying to gain access to your property? With a modern intercom system, you can visually verify a caller’s identity immediately and talk with them no matter where you are thanks to our smartphone app.

Gates & Railings

It always pays to invest in your first line of defence – gates and railings. We can create systems that work best for your security needs, from smart-access gates to robust perimeter fencing.  

24/7 Maintenance

We’re on hand when you need us to solve problems and maintain your security systems.

Why ECS?

Our work is always focused on providing the highest quality solutions and best workmanship to fully meet our clients’ needs.