Gates & Railings Education

Gates & Railings Education

Gates & Railings Education

Gates, railings and barriers are essential for securing education sites. They are vital for safeguarding, as they allow you to control who has access to any premises. They are equally important to secure sites that are left empty overnight, providing a first line of defence against intruders, thieves and vandals. ECS can design, install and maintain a wide range of perimeter security solutions for your site cost-effectively.

Gates & Automation

Schools and colleges need to be able to control who accesses their site by foot or by vehicle. Automated gates are the perfect solution for this need. Anyone arriving at your site can be seen via camera link before you make the decision to allow or deny entry. You can also allow staff and other trusted individuals to enter using a code, card or biometric ID.

Roller Barrier

On education sites, railings serve a very practical purpose. They allow you to demarcate and protect sensitive or dangerous areas. ECS can also supply and install grilles to protect vulnerable windows. Both railings and grilles can be designed and fabricated in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your needs.


Your site probably covers a large area, containing sports grounds, a variety of different buildings, car parks and more. Effective and vandal-proof fencing is essential to secure your perimeter and prevent trespassers, vandals and other unauthorised people entering the site.


Bollards offer a solid and practical method of preventing vehicles from entering any outdoor area of your site. They can be operated wirelessly, so they sink flush with the ground, allowing easy access for authorised people and the emergency services.


From automated traffic barriers to box-metal barriers that prevent sensitive areas from being rammed by vehicles, we can supply and maintain a whole range of intelligent or traditional options that meet your requirements.

24/7 Maintenance

We’re on hand when you need us to solve problems and maintain your security systems.

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